Rhythm Culture
Rhythm Culture has been playing the Pacific Northwest music and festival scene for over 15 years. The Band has placed its focus on developing its own signature sound driven by a reggae beat. Combining their individual influences of the Caribbean and the Americas, and using a roots reggae foundation, the band infuses blues and jazz into their brand of Reggae music, guaranteed to get even the most reluctant of dancers out of their chairs.

The band is based in Portland, Oregon and led by Byron Mercurius, of Guyana, South America. Rhythm Culture, featuring guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and trumpet, consists of four to five core musicians who represent a variety of age groups and different backgrounds. On the larger festival stages we invite one or more of our talented guest musicians to play with the group. "Keep the Wild Free," Rhythm Culture's first release features several of these musicians. Recently signed by Harvest Moon Records, a new local Indie label, Rhythm Culture has released their first CD, "Keep the Wild Free," a compilation of rhythms and different styles, each song with its own unique groove.

Rhythm Culture also offers educational programs to the schools. Concerts and workshops are designed to teach young people about culture and music. "Exploring Rhythms of the Caribbean Region," is a musical tour, where students learn about the various types of music and rhythms that are part of the region. Specifically they visit the music of Trinidad/Tobago, Cuba and Jamaica. Band members acting as tour leaders describe various rhythms including Bosa Nova, Samba, Rock Steady, Socca, Rap, Folk, Reggae and Calypso and play songs representative of those rhythms. Students also take a trip to "Carnival," an event celebrated throughout the region. In addition, various musical concepts are touched upon including the emotional feelings associated with major and minor chords in music along with interactive Call and Response activities.

The true focus of all music is to uplift people. Rhythm Culture music appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds because it passes a positive, upbeat message. The music is designed to move the mind as well as the body, a soul freeing, cultural experience. It is written for everyone. The band invites the listener to free the mind and allow themselves to get swept up in a rhythmic experience that Rhythm Culture hopes will feed their soul. So bring your dancing shoes and join the Reggae Party.

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" Even being the 30th album of the day, I couldn't stop listening to this album and didn't want it to end.
Based on a thick reggae groove and incorporating prime elements of rhythm and blues, jazz
and even a dash of 70's flavor here and there, "Keep the Wild Free" is a lush, full-bodied album.
The album must have been mixed with special attention to harmonics because the sound
seems to fill every pocket of hearing, it's full of substance and has absolutely no holes;
it's a rich wash of sound that the whole body can relish in. It will have every sense titillated and
every molecule in the body happy and bouncing. cdbaby.com"


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